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  • As a native Spanish speaking parent, this class has provided experiences I would not be able to provide at home.

Mom to a 2 year old, Long Beach, CA

  • My son has been taking this Spanish class since he was 2. At first I did not know how much he was learning but when he started to sing the songs and then translating them all on his own I was amazed, especially since neither my husband or I speak Spanish at home!

Mother to a 2 and 3 1/2 year old, Los Alamitos, CA

  • Hola Amigos has brought Spanish to our entire family! The class CD's are fun and educational for all of us. We will definitely be back next year!

​Mom to a 5 1/2 year old, Long Beach, CA

  • We ve attended about 7 sessions and have not been disappointed. Great experience especially if from non Spanish speaking household and plan to attend dual immersion school.

Kris Gamboa, grandmother of three beautiful girls who have attended Bamboleo with maestras Priscilla & Susana

  • 'Muchas gracias para' a great experience that motivates our children to enjoy Spanish in a fun, creative, family atmosphere! ¡Mucha energía!

Mom to a 1 and 3 year old, Los Alamitos, CA

  • Es nuestra tercera sesión. El niño aprendió a convivir mejor con otros. Este programa es muy lindo. Me da ideas para cuando jugamos en casa!

​Babysitter and family friend to a 2 year old, Los Alamitos, CA

  • Great mix of activities--and all in Spanish!

Mom to a 4 1/2 year old, Long Beach, CA

  • A fantastic program--so enriching for the child and also for the family. Maestra Priscilla is a wonderful teacher and a beautiful person.

Mom to a 4 year old, Tustin Ranch, CA

  • Bamboleo with Susana is the best! My toddler girls look forward to every session. The way she uses music, dance, and storytelling keeps both children and parents alike engaged. We highly recommend the class. Our only complaint is that it's too short. We want more! Thanks for doing a great job Susana!

Matt Saldaña​

  • Gavin delights in the immersion program, loves his teacher's smiles and encouragement. His progress has been steady and organic with joy and fun pushing forward.

Grandmother to a 5 year old, Tustin Ranch, CA

  • My son and I really enjoyed taking this class together. Susana is a warm and caring teacher and really keeps the class moving. The little art projects they come home with every week are adorable too.

Dawn Cody

  • Hola Niños has been a delightful experience for my daughter and I. It has gone beyond my expectations and has provided a fun, enriching Spanish experience for my daughter.

Mom to a two year old and 10 month old, Long Beach, CA

  • A fun class even if your child does not speak Spanish. A wonderful way to plant the seed's of the Spanish language.

Grandparent to a 2 year old, Long Beach, CA

  • My daughter has really enjoyed Hola Niños and learned some basic Spanish as a result. The classes are well structured to keep her interested and excited through the entire hour!

Mother to a 3 year old, Long Beach, CA

  • We love the music! My daughter sings the songs constantly. Can't wait for the new CD!

Mom to a 2 1/2 year old, Long Beach, CA

  • What a fun opportunity to learn and practice Spanish for my little girls!

Mom to a three year old and 2 year old, Long Beach, CA

  • The class provides a great environment and various activities for kids of all ages to learn the basics of the Spanish language.

Mom to a 2 1/2 year old, Long Beach, CA

  • A terrific class, a terrific instructor!

Mom and Dad to a 4 year old, Long Beach, CA

  • We look forward to the presentations the kids make. It's exciting for both parent and child!

Parent to two 4 year olds, Long Beach, CA

  • We appreciate the creativity and energy put into the classes.

Mother to a 5 year old, Long Beach, CA


Our language programs are offered in various locations throughout southern California by independent proprietors that are trained and licensed to teach Spanish Immersion Networking Group programs. Licensing opportunities will be widely available, soon. To receive our monthly update or make an inquiry, please add your contact information to our distribution list:


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