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Maestra Susy

Susy Paniagua is a person who lives with passion, dedication, and grace. She was born and raised in Acapulco, Mexico, where she lived for 28 years. She completed her bachelor's degree in Business Administration.

After receiving her education, she worked for 7 years as an Operations Manager in a prestigious hotel in Acapulco. Being a frequent speaker at the training programs, she soon discovered a passion for teaching which led her to make the decision of getting the diploma in university teaching. Soon later, she started teaching at the university subjects related to her career.

At 29 years old she decided to come to live in the United States. While starting her new life in a different country, she made the wrong assumption that all Latino Americans were able to speak Spanish. Sadly, she later learned that by the third generation they lose their Spanish language and part of their heritage.

With the strong belief that children growing up multicultural will become multifaceted and proud of personal heritage, she committed to preserving the language and customs at home. In order to do that, she started looking for Spanish programs that help her support this and this is how she met with Bamboleo Program and immediately fell in love with it. While attending Bamboleo sessions with her son, Susana never forgot her passion for teaching and saw through Bamboleo Program a great opportunity to continue developing her passion for teaching and, at the same time, a unique opportunity to contribute to the preservation of the language in her community.

Susy is in constant training in second-language acquisition. When she is not at a National Conference of language teaching, she is constantly taking workshops with the best CI/TPRS teachers (Comprehensible Input/Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling). She is currently pursuing her Single Subject Credential in Spanish through Cal State Long Bech, graduating next Spring 2022.

Susy has received training in Early Childhood and psychomotor Development and early stimulation through Red Educativa José Antonio Encina - Perú.


Susy currently resides in San Pedro, CA with her husband Carlos and her children Carlos Daniel and Abigail Gabriela. Coming from a family of musicians and married to one, she loves singing and listening to good music, being classical music one of her favorites. She likes drawing and reading but, most of all, she loves spending time with her family.

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