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Kids in Bamboleo enjoy learning through our original music and stories. Bamboleo-licensed teachers are highly prepared to facilitate fun and joyous experiences with our developmental approach.  Children (and adults!) return year after year for more Bamboleo adventures, thereby increasing language skills exponentially--at all levels. In short, our programs work! 

We hope our programs speak to you!


2 - 4 years

¡Vamos a jugar!  Let's play! Children ages      2-4 will be immersed in the Spanish language via a unique style of storytelling, music and movement, games and role play, and art. The seasons provide practical and relevant learning opportunities. The 21 Spanish-speaking countries and territories provide a cultural context and even more joyous experiences!  

Each session’s Hora de Cuentos (“Story Time”) takes children and their adults on an imaginary journey to a different part of Latin America. Our original stories and music not only highlight the cultural richness and diversity of the Spanish language, but also demonstrate that kids have a lot in common around the world! Learn about the current season's themes, here.

Amiguitos offers distinct 6-week sessions that provide a continuum of learning  over the course of two years. Classroom activities are designed to gently and creatively nurture growth in language skills for all levels, from newcomers to heritage speakers alike. 


Home support materials are integrated with classroom activities and provide rich opportunities for Spanish immersion in the car, at home, and while out and about.


Parent participation is required.


Our language programs are offered in various locations throughout southern California by independent proprietors that are trained and licensed to teach Spanish Immersion Networking Group programs. Licensing opportunities will be widely available, soon. To receive our monthly update or make an inquiry, please add your contact information to our distribution list:


Long Beach, CA

ph: 562-661-3168

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